(Wildbuttercups, ,anemones,snapragons, lisianthus, roses  etc.)


When preparing soil

CERIC : 3000 kg to 8000 kg/ha depending on soil type and analysis.



SOLORGANO 20 liters/ ha at the moment of planting( drip ystem or other.)

Ensures microscopic life developpement in soil , helps growth start and the regularity of pinking.

After  every week 10 liters/ha.

ANET 5 to 7  liters/ha at the moment of planting ( mix with SOLORGANO)

After , every 2 weeks 2 liters/ha  ( helps root growth , acts against harmful soil.


BEROMIN  : 2 kg/ha every 2 weeks ( drip system) calcium

Fertilizing with soluble substances in water systems must not be  during hot periods. Check individual plant needs as from then on .

You must never water plants in order to fertilize but you can fertilize when you water.


HORTIRAN : treatment every week 500 cc/hl from the beginning of the plantation  and  the end of picking ( warning it is possible trace elements )


GRÜNOR : 100 to 200 cc/hl (treatment every 1 to 2 weeks) mix with Hortiran


Mix with an insecticide if necessary at each treatment must be used seperatly


All market known pesticides can be mixed with our products


Our products must be shaken well before use





Can be use in organic farming, is conform with annexe  II regulation CEE 2092/91